Itgel MM v1.5 Softpay

“Itgel MM v1.5 Softpay” is software that makes transaction by card on POS device.

The software was developed in accordance with TranzWare online system version and international banking transaction standard TranzWare ISO 8583 terminal protocol that contains card transactions itself.

"Itgel MM v1.5 Softpay" software makes following transactions by card on POS terminal.

  • Purchase
  • Check balance
  • Transaction cancelation
  • Check network
  • Report recapitulation
  • Reprinting
    • Print last bill
    • Print any bill
  • Report
    • Brief report
    • Detail report
  • Package amount
  • Package evaluation
  • Key inquiry
  • Configuration

We use cards everyday for purchasing. And we make transaction by card on POS terminal. Xac, State and Capitron banks introduced first time the POS terminal transaction software in Mongolia. We are delighted to offer you EMV, Contactless POS software with what are in high quality and global standardized.

Үндсэн мэдээлэл: ПОС терминал ашиглалтын программ хангамж

  • Basic: POS terminal operating software
  • TranzWare ISO 8583 Terminal Protocol (TITP), v.2.51.
  • TranzWare online system version was developed in accordance with standard.
  • 2% VAT update included in 2016.
  • It will directly work with ECR.
  • Support NFC.